signs your dog loves you

5 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Dogs, like humans, have different ways of expressing love. Interestingly, it’s often tied to the characteristics of their breed. As an example, Maltese or Pomeranians are historically lap dogs. We typically hold them close to our faces so, to show love, they naturally shower us in “kisses.” Meanwhile, herding breeds live to work. German Shepherds or Border Collies show love through service. Give them a job to do and they’ll want to make us proud.

There are, however, some universal signs your dog loves you that transcends most breeds.

Here are 5 of them:

  • They Get Excited When You Enter a Room

    No one is more excited to see you when you get home than your dog. She waits at the door as soon as she hears your car pull up. Once your key is in the door, all bets are off. Her tail wags incessantly like someone put espresso in her water bowl. For your fur companion, there’s no greater moment than when you come home.

  • They Stick By Your Side

    Wherever you are in the house, your dog wants to be in on the action. When you’re watching TV, your dog rests his nose or paw on your lap. If you’re standing up and talking on the phone, your dog leans his body onto your leg. Cooking in the kitchen? Your dog is there, too (both because she loves you and hopes you drop food). The desire to bask in your presence is one way dogs show their endless adoration.

  • They Share Their Toys (Or At Least Try)

    Playtime — in and of itself — can be an act of love. When dogs want to play, they might bring you their favorite tennis ball or tug-of-war rope. However, the biggest gesture of love is when they “present” one of their own toys to you. Dogs can be very possessive with their toys (as can humans) so sharing one of their favorite things with you is a sign of love. You, on the other hand, might not feel loved just by holding a squeaky toy covered in slobber and hair. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

  • They Want to Sleep Near You

    Dogs are a direct descendent of the gray wolf, domesticated roughly 130,000 years ago. As a result, dogs are, by nature, pack animals. They like to sleep curled up next to each other for comfort, warmth and security. It’s also super common for humans and dogs to sleep next to each other. In fact, slightly less than half of pet owners share their bed or bedroom with their pet, reported the American Kennel Club. When your dog sleeps near or next to you, it’s a sign they trust and feel comfortable with you.

  • They ‘Kiss’ Your Face

    Dog “kisses” are another sign your dog loves you. Licking is another trait they picked up from their wolf ancestors. Generally, dogs lick themselves, their pups or humans to groom them, which is a sign of affection.

The thought that your dog loves you isn’t just a feel good concept. It’s backed by science. One study found that your dog’s brain may respond to your scent the same way a fragrance worn by a loved one incites a reaction in us. Since your dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than yours, their responses to your scent may be even more powerful.

Their love for us truly knows no limit.