Melanie Gerard, veterinarian

About Healthy Pets for Life

Healthy Pets Fur Life was started by Melanie Gerard , who is a veterinarian of more than 20 years and a long-time animal advocate. She started this blog to provide pet owners with trustworthy, accessible information to care for their pets.

Her passion for animal welfare has been lifelong, but her career started after graduating from Ohio State University’s veterinary school with honors.

Upon graduation, she worked in a private veterinary practice and as an instructor in the Shelter Medicine Program at Ohio State. From there, she became senior veterinarian at a large Minneapolis humane society. Through her work with shelter animals, Melanie discovered that many pets were given up because their owners couldn’t afford to care for them. As a result, Melanie started Mission Animal Hospital in 2012.  It provides thousands of animals with accessible medical care that their owners may not have been able to afford otherwise.  In 2015, Melanie moved to Washington state.  She has three grown children and two energetic herding dogs, Zorro and Behr.  She is currently an owner and veterinarian at Bellevue Animal and Brier Veterinary Hospitals.

Her passion for animals — and making their care more accessible — is the primary reason why she started this blog. She looks forward to sharing information here that helps you care for your pets.

Happy reading, animal lovers!