Pet Costumes That Will Make Your Whole Day

From coffee shop trips to actual trips, your furry friend does practically everything with you. So why should they sit out for Halloween? Pets big and small can get in on the fun with a pet costume.

Make sure when choosing a pet costume for your buddy that it fits well and they’re comfortable wearing it. If you can’t take your pet to the store to size it out in person, take the extra minute to measure your pet to be sure the costume is not too tight, too long or too short. Not only will they look great in their pet costume, but you’ll feel good knowing they’re enjoying the experience as much as you.

Without further ado, here are some pet costumes that will have friends and trick-or-treaters in awe of your creativity and sense of humor.

If your pet loves to sing along to Disney tunes as much as you, deck them out in this creative magic carpet pet costume! In this adorable outfit, your pup will fly through the air with the sneaky Abu on their back. The swinging yellow tassels add a great touch.

Planning on dressing as Ariel the mermaid? Your pet can join in on the look and play the role of the lovable sidekick Flounder. The two of you will be the stars of every party you attend.

Who says only dogs and cats get to dress up for Halloween? Guinea pigs will show dachshunds who is boss with this hilarious and easy-to-wear hot dog pet costume.

Your pet will steal a pizza your heart as a slice of pepperoni pizza, which comes with a chef’s hat to complete the look of this delicious pet costume.

Let’s face it, everyone’s dog has had an unfortunate encounter with poop—theirs or others. We may as well celebrate it with this poop emoji pet costume.

What’s cuter than a Care Bear? Your pup dressed as a Care Bear.

There truly is no place like home, and your beloved pet knows it. Lean into “The Wizard of Oz” with this pet costume that lets them strut their ruby slippers around the block this Halloween.

Sisters! Bring your favorite Halloween movie to life with this Winifred pet costume from “Hocus Pocus.” Extra points if you find a friend to dress as Mary to your Sarah.

Your furry friend can hide in disguise for the evening in this adorable panda pet costume.

Our pets bring so much joy into our lives, it’s time they dressed the part in this rainbow pet costume.

For the animals who love to roughhouse, consider a classic football jersey for their pet costume.

These are just a few of our favorite pet costumes out there for pets big and small! No matter how intricate or simple, or sweet or silly of a costume you choose, we hope you have a fun (and safe) Halloween celebration.